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Coat of Arms

This is the first letter of the name POITRAS. By stylizing in the form of Gothic lettering, it is given a more refined and important value.

The lion appears early on to mark the starting point of the first ancestor of POITRAS, a Town in Brittany which has a coat of arms with a lion with the leopard like tail.

Starting from Brittany, our ancestor came to settle in Québec. Now  today the city of Québec has this ship on its coat of arms. We can see the arrival of our first ancestor in Québec.

Our first ancestor was a master carpenter, the  compass and handsaw represent well the tools used to perform his work. In addition, these objects fit nicely with the Gothic "P".

Divided in four it makes it easier to show the four elements that characterize the POITRAS Family. The number 4 is very symbolic. It represents the four cardinal points, the four seasons, the four phases of the moon, the four arms of the cross, the four letters of the name of God in French (Dieu).
  • The (blue) is the symbol of peace, silence and rest, as well as crystal and diamond. The Egyptians considered this color as the shield of truth. For the POITRAS, it is for the peaceful and honest character of our ancestors. It emphasized their loyalty and faith in God and the homeland.
  • The (red) reminds us of fire and blood. It is the principle of life and symbolizes the impulsive force, youth and that of health. It is also used to symbolize courage, the strength of spirit and work. It stands for love and devotion. It applies well to these early ancestors who had the courage and faith to come and build a family, a country and a civilization.
  • The (gold) is the brightness of the light. All recognize that it is the symbol of spiritual and intellectual values. These are the ones that guided and inspired the first POITRAS and their example inspires those of the twenty-first century.
JOIE ET FRATERNITÉ. This is a beautiful motto, like the ancients, asks all members of the Association des Families POITRAS to radiate joy and brotherhood among themselves and to those around them.